In certain retail industries, engaging with a salesperson usually is required to close a sale. Car dealerships, cell phone stores, and real estate transactions are good examples. Thanks to the relative youth of the cannabis market, business in a dispensary often requires a bit more customer interaction. Whether interacting with a floor sales associate or a budtender, there’s a good chance the customer has questions or is curious about different items, benefits, drawbacks, and so on.

In the dispensary world, it’s important to value these conversations. In fact, you’ll want to arrange your store and merchandise in a way that nurtures them. Currently, Grand View Research values the cannabis market at about $17 billion, a figure it estimates will top $70 billion by 2027. Merchandising and store layout can go a long way to help you garner your share of that business.


To that end, consider these five best practices when evaluating your dispensary layout and merchandising.

Value the first impression

It’s important to set the right tone when customers enter your store. Keep in mind they’ve likely engaged with your brand through a web or mobile channel and, depending on how that experience went, they may have expectations

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