Every relationship comes with its own unique challenges. Your taste in food, your political views and your general outlook and everyday life could be quite different to that of your partner. But when one of you is a committed cannabis connoisseur and the other abstains, things can get particularly tricky.

To a degree, it depends on the extent to which your partner is against cannabis use. If they see all forms of weed as the devil’s vegetables and cannabis users as reprobates, you’re in trouble. By contrast, if they’ve nothing specifically against weed but simply don’t enjoy using it, you’ve a real shot at making things work.

Assuming you fall into the latter bracket, here’s how to handle things if you’d prefer not to call time on your pot or your partner:

Be Honest and Open at all Times

For a start, the worst thing you can do is fall into the habit of lying. Just as soon as they get wind of your dishonesty, it’s game over. It’s the number-one rule when it comes to successful relationships in general and is no different where the cannabis issue is concerned.

If you’re hooking up with someone and they’re not

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