Photo: from left Bo Huhn, Gabby Palumbo, Elizabeth Abernathy

GUILFORD, CT – As has been the case the past few years during the raging battle over whether to legalize recreational marijuana in Connecticut, a contingent from Guilford including two Guilford High School students, are leading the opposition to the proposal.

A bill to legalize recreational marijuana was the subject of a public hearing of the Appropriations Committee on Wednesday.

And opposing the bill were the Guilford group.

Nearly two-thirds of Connecticut voters, or 63 percent, support making possession of small amounts of cannabis legal for adults, according to a March 2015 Quinnipiac University poll.

But opponents of legalization don’t believe those numbers or other research proponents often quote that state marijuana isn’t a gateway drug to harder drugs down the road.

“It’s important to look deep into the research and who is doing the research,” Bo Huhn, a spokesman for both CT Smart Approaches to Marijuana and Guilford Development Assets for Youth (DAY), said during a break in the public hearing.

“It’s just such an important issue,” Huhn said. “The overdose issue that is plaguing our state and our country has also changed the dynamic. The legislature needs to be careful.”

Huhn added: “I wish it (pot) didn’t have adverse effects. But the research those on our side have looked at shows that’s not the case.”

Added Elizabeth Abernathy, a junior at Guilford High School: “It shouldn’t be legalized — plain and simple. It can lead to substance abuse.”

Another Guilford voice opposing was Lisa Ott, an adult chair of the DAY group, who told legislators that students tell her “that there is nothing more important in fighting drug abuse” than to beat back recreational marijuana legalization efforts.

She, Abernathy and Palumbo all told the legislators that they strongly believe that

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