GLEN ROCK, NJ — The mayor announced she is pulling together professionals to make up a commission on the sale of cannabis.

“I assure you,” Mayor Kristine Morieko said on May 12, “we are thinking of everything.”

Last month, the council opted out of allowing dispensaries within the borough’s borders, at least until the state comes out with regulations which may not be until late summer or fall.

Glen Rock Opts Out of Marijuana Sale…for Now

The state commission on the sale of marijuana has met three times so far, Morieko said. New Jersey voters approved a referendum in November to make recreational marijuana legal, and the governor subsequently signed legislation in February making legalization official. Medical marijuana has been available for sale in a practical sense since 2012.

Mayor Kristine Morieko said the state “doesn’t have their stuff together” yet, making it “unfair” for municipalities to move forward on regulating sales.

“There’s a lot of moving parts to this,” she said on May 12.

The council agreed to her suggestion of appointing a commission to research and come up with parameters to allow sales within the borough’s borders.

Council Member Teresa Gilbreath presented a drug-free map in which sales of marijuana would

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