To celebrate 4/20, a chain of recreational marijuana dispensaries in Michigan is giving away giant joints nearly 10 times the normal size.

Anyone who shops at one of 12 Skymint locations across the state on Tuesday, April 20, has a chance to win one of 30 massive joints. Those who shopped at Skymint on Monday, as well, were also entered into the raffle.

Every purchase counts as an entry into the raffle. The more purchases people make, the more times they are entered to win. There is no cap on the number of entries.

The giant joints are packed with 10 grams of marijuana flower and sprinkled with 1 gram of THCa crystallized powder, making them nearly 10 times larger than a regular joint, according to Skymint. An eighth of an ounce of flower is about 3.5 grams.

The joints, which the company says are “sure to wow casual users and cannabis connoisseurs alike,” are rolled in Michigan with flower also grown and harvested in the state.

Skymint officials say the giant joint winners will be contacted April 21 and that people should check their email inbox to see if they’ve won.

A size comparison of the giant joint with a regular one. (Photo provided by

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