There are a lot of perks out there to make sure you get your COVID-19 vaccine. Personally I didn’t need any perks to get mine, because I really wanted to get it. But some places are offering money, donuts, and many other extra’s to help get this country get on the right track. Hard to believe the pandemic is over a year old already.

So here may be the best perk of all for some folks, a Michigan marijuana dispensary is giving free marijuana to anyone who gets a COVID vaccine. The Greenhouse of Walled Lake says it wants to treat people who get the vaccine and want to get rid of COVID19 once and for all according to

If you choose to get the COVID19 vaccine (we always support the freedom of choice) this is our way of saying ‘thank you’ for helping to end this pandemic and getting us back to normal,” the company says on its website.

Keep this in mind as well, there’s a limit of one joint per customer. Plus you must be at least 21 years old and have a valid, unexpired medical card with ID.  This was supposed to end in February, but now has been extended until March

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