Becoming BFFs with a budtender at your local dispensary takes time. A relationship that’s worth nurturing, but one that doesn’t happen overnight. In the meantime, you need to do everything you can to avoid pissing them off.

If you’re something of a cannabis dispensary veteran, you’ll probably know the score by now. If you’re new to the whole thing, there’s a chance you’re the kind of person that prompts a collective shudder when you walk through the door.

Patience is part and parcel of the deal for the professional proprietor, but there are limits. Hence, it’s a good idea to take note of the kinds of things that annoy the living hell out of budtenders…so you can make sure you don’t.

So with this in mind, here are the five most common complaints from budtenders regarding their most lamented customers:

Trying to make friends while they’re busy

By its nature, budtending takes time. Answering your questions, offering suggestions and eventually closing the sale. When a dispensary is busy, the last thing they need is another talkative customer holding up the queue with idle chit-chat. Being friendly is one thing, but being the cause of congestion is something else entirely.

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