Earlier this month I wrote about why the Boston Celtics should trade the recently acquired Marcus Thornton in order to free up more minutes for other young players at the wing position, but it’s easy to forget that Thornton himself is relatively young, at just 27-years-old.

Thornton is a score-first shooting guard and still has the potential to be a quality player, which is one of the primary reasons why the Celtics should consider keeping him.

Thornton’s a sparkplug

This is what I wrote before free agency began earlier this summer:

Offseason Preview: Guard Targets
After selecting Marcus Smart at #6 in the 2014 NBA Draft, the Celtics managed to bolster their backcourt depth, but they still need to fill the role of “sparkplug,” a position that Danny Ainge has had every single season of his tenure as general manager. Seriously, just look at that list to the right. There’s no question that Boston will be active in their pursuit of a scorer who can light it up from the guard position; thankfully, there are a load of options…

Even though Boston didn’t add a sparkplug scorer in free agency — Evan Turner can in spurts — there is no doubt that Thornton can fill that role. That is what his game is built for — his nicknames are “Bayou Bomber” and “Buckets” for good reason. Over the years he has gained the reputation of being a one-dimensional shot chucker and a volume scorer, but these are derogatory terms. Another appropriate term could be sparkplug, which is what the Celtics needed.

Thornton will definitely have his off-nights, but he will also have games where he starts bombing away from downtown and goes off for 30-plus points. He’s the type of player who can win a game because of his …read more