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Final: NE 19 – OAK 9

The Patriots failed to run out the clock and gave the Raiders one final shot in the closing minutes. Derek Carr led the offense right into the New England redzone (helped out in part by a questionable pass interference call). For a moment, it seemed like the game was tied, but a holding call brought back a Darren McFadden TD rush.

On the ensuing play, Carr forced the ball over the middle, and it was popped up and ultimately ended up in the clutches of Vince Wilfork. With the ball back, the Patritos sat on the ball to end the game.

Fourth Quarter

NE 13 – OAK 9: Once again, the Patriots get it withing the five, and can’t covert. Drops by Gronkowski and Danny Amendola force another kick as the Raiders keep hanging around.

Third Quarter

NE 10 – OAK 9: The Raiders tack on another field goal. The Patriots pass rush hasn’t been there, and Derek Carr has been picking apart the Patriots little by little. There wasn’t enough for deep redzone drive, but the Raiders do get another field goal from Janikowski.


The Patriots offense continues to be clunky and cumbersome. But just like last week, Tom Brady and offense began to sync up after the first couple drives, scoring on back-to-back possessions before halftime.

New England looked to be in a position to score a second touchdown, but Brady bobbled the snap on 3rd-and-goal and managed to get rid of the ball and stop the clock, letting Stephen Gostkowski hit the short field goal.

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