In the past, the craft beer industry has expressed concern that legal weed would become a big competitor. But as more and more places continue to loosen their cannabis laws, experts are starting to see how legalization impacts other industries. And it turns out, weed isn’t a threat to beer. In fact, leaders in the craft beer industry are now saying that smart phones and dating apps are probably a bigger threat to craft beer than legal marijuana.

Beer Industry Is Worried About Smart Phones and Dating Apps

According to reports coming from the Brewers Association and Beverage Daily, new attitudes and perspectives are emerging in the craft beer scene. More specifically, fewer experts in the craft beer industry are seeing cannabis as a threat to their business.

In past years, many thought that legal weed might cut into beer sales. The assumption was that consumers might choose to purchase legal weed instead of beer for leisure and recreational consumption.

But so far, that fear has proven unfounded. In fact, the Brewers Association recently said that data from weed-legal locations has not shown any pronounced decrease in craft beer sales.

“Although there is plenty of chatter about this occurring .

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