EL CERRITO — City officials are considering issuing a permit for a cannabis dispensary near the center of town and will hold a public meeting March 9 to hear comments from the community. A decision on the application by the city manager could come as soon as the following Monday. The application, coming as the city deals with a major budget crisis and seeks new income sources, already has some support.

“I look forward to public comment because I support this new business opening in El Cerrito and welcome the tax revenue it will generate for our city coffers,” Mayor Paul Fadelli said.

The application of the Los Angeles-based Shryne Group for a former savings and loan building at 10764-10770 San Pablo Ave. on the corner of Schmidt Lane was selected from three proposals submitted by the Sept. 3 deadline that the city set last year. The building, which has a San Pablo Avenue frontage at the northwest corner of the El Cerrito Place center, now houses branches of national chains Batteries Plus Bulbs, a retail store, and Quest Diagnostics, a clinical lab. Storefronts at the east side of the center include Marshalls, Tap Plastics, Mountain Mike’s Pizza, Donut

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