Federal and state prosecutors announced charges Wednesday against eight Rhode Island residents who they said lied on their background checks in order to buy guns, marking the latest prosecutions as the Trump administration steps up efforts to enforce gun laws already on the books.

In at least some of the cases the buyers were “straw purchasers,” getting guns that they would then pass on to other individuals who were unable to buy or possess firearms themselves. In one of the cases the person was accused of lying about his marijuana use when buying firearms.

These kinds of cases, dubbed “lie and try,” have launched to the forefront after recent high-profile shootings.

“Stemming the flow of illegal firearms into our neighborhoods by keeping them out of the hands of those who either purchase them illegally or are prohibited by law from possessing them is a top priority of this office and of our law enforcement partners,” said U.S. Attorney Stephen G. Dambruch.

Rhode Island federal and state prosecutors have charged five people in federal complaints with making false statements during purchases of firearms: Molyka Preap, 31, and Darien Young, 23, both of Providence, Ademola Kayode Jr., 25, of Warwick, Lucilo Mena, 56, of Cranston, and Tarriek Gill, 24, of Cumberland.

Three people — Brian Luna, 22, Alex Cuevas-Polanco, 20, and Daniel Carides, 22, all of Providence — have been arrested on state firearms and drug charges.

In the case of Mr. Mena, authorities say he bought one 9 mm pistol knowing he was going to resell it, but didn’t say that on his purchase form. The gun was later recovered during an investigation into a shooting in Boston last summer.

It’s a federal crime for someone lie on a background check form to try to hide past criminal or mental issues

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