The number of medical marijuana patients in the state of Connecticut is skyrocketing, according to media reports.

The Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection reports that the number of registered medical marijuana patients climbed 46 percent in only one year. In April 2017, 17,769 patients had registered with the state as medical marijuana patients.

One year later in April 2018, that number had shot up by almost 8,100 patients to 25,855. Growth in patients participating in the MMJ program averaged about three percent per month during that time period.

The state’s medical marijuana program began four years ago in 2014. About 2,000 patients enrolled during that first year.

The number of doctors participating in the Connecticut medical marijuana program has also risen. About a year ago, approximately 600 physicians had registered to be authorized to write MMJ recommendations. That number had gone up to 881 by May 4 of this year.

Connecticut’s MMJ Infrastructure Will Soon Be Growing

Connecticut’s medical marijuana program now has nine dispensaries licensed to serve the state. And last month, the Department of Consumer Protection closed an application period for an additional three to 10 licenses it will soon issue. The department has received a total of 73 applications vying for those licenses, according to reports in local media.

Catherine Binder is the chief of education and outreach at the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection. She that staff had been receiving boxes full of paperwork all day.

“We were slammed,” she said.

Binder also said that she had been receiving inquiries from people eager to learn about the applications and potential locations of the new dispensaries. However, she said the information was confidential when she was asked if it would be released to the public.

“There’s just no way we

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