Bubba Fett – C4

I love Bubba Fett for its reliability and consistency. It never lets me down by settling me down.  – Caela

I love Bubba Fett for the relaxation it provides me. It was one of our first buds from C4 and has been consistently true. – Paul

Caela and Paul, Prep Agents, 3rd Street Dispensary 

Sweet Stone Local Infused Honey – Heartland Labs

Sweet Stone Local Infused Honey by Heartland labs is one of my favorites. It is locally sourced from Lawrence, St. Clair, Camden, and Johnson counties. Perfect for sweetening your morning coffee or nighttime tea, it’s been a personal favorite of mine. It’s made with distillate so there is no cannabis flavor whatsoever. Something about mixing locally grown cannabis with locally sourced honey is very appealing to me and so far our patients have loved it, myself included.

Alex Paulson, Easy Mountain Dispensary

White 99 – C4

White 99 is a Sativa dominant hybrid grown by C4 (Carrollton County Cannabis Co.). White 99 is our pick for strain of the month here at Missouri Wild Alchemy. With a limonene forward terpene profile, White 99 produces a cerebral high perfect for daytime creativity. Here in the shop, we have

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