States continue to press ahead with cannabis reform. The Connecticut Joint Committee on Appropriations approved a bill April 5 to legalize and regulate marijuana for adults in the state, potentially setting the issue up for floor vote before the end of this year’s legislative session.

House Bill (HB) 5394  was introduced by the committee to task commissioners of the state Mental Health and Addiction Services and Consumer Protection and Revenue Services with developing regulations for possession and retail sales of marijuana for adults 21 and older.

The bill was written in skeletal form as introduced, to ensure its consideration. More details will be added to the bill as it moves forward in the coming weeks.

Residents know that it’s time

“This committee vote reiterates what most Connecticut residents already know: it is time to make marijuana legal for adults,” said Becky Dansky, legislative counsel for the Marijuana Policy Project.

“The discussions that have taken place in the legislature this year have provided more than enough information to effectively move forward with legalization. Connecticut should stop punishing adults for using a substance that is safer than alcohol, and it has an opportunity to regulate marijuana before it starts losing tax revenue to other states in the region that have already started this process.”

The Connecticut Coalition to Regulate Marijuana is a coalition of citizens, organizations, and community leaders working to end marijuana prohibition in Connecticut and replace it with a system in which marijuana is regulated and taxed similarly to alcohol.

Connecticut behind the curve on legalization

Chris Conrad’s latest book is a great introduction to cannabis, how it affects you and how the industry is taking shape.

There are nine states that have made marijuana legal for adults, as well as the District of Columbia. Neighboring Massachusetts is

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