Re July 19 letter, “Country needs viable political third party, by Doug Hampton: He states both candidates were corrupt.

Hillary Clinton has been in politics most of her life and has been investigated extensively in areas like Whitewater and Benghazi, the latter by eight separate commissions, and found not culpable.

She has been criticized for giving speeches to Wall Street.

However, as Secretary of State, she would be the logical person for those who invest globally to have her knowledge of the world. If you have a pension plan, a 40l(k) or other financial investments, you are part of Wall Street’s global reach.

Wall Street is not evil, but has potential to be. So the government has imposed regulations to dampen any detrimental impulses to our economy. The Republicans want to deregulate. There’s no middle ground here.

Clinton was viewed favorably by many countries. One that didn’t support her was China due to her UN speech chastising China’s women’s rights violations. Another is Russia, incensed by her accusation that Russia’s elections are rigged by killing or jailing dissidents and further stifling freedoms by controlling the media.

I posit that what we need is a stronger Democratic Party that can continue to advocate for issues like free tuition for state colleges. (Prior to 1962, it was free in New York.)

As to single-payer health insurance, if you are your brother’s keeper, it’s the only way to go. Workers who don’t receive insurance from their employer are those on the low rung of the economic scale.

So if you partake in any of the service industries like restaurants, hotels, and retail, you are paying less for their work and are benefiting from the fact that those workers have no insurance. If taxes are raised to offset single-payer cost, it would be more equitable for all.

As to corruption in the current administration, that is still playing out.

Sandra Natale

Saratoga Springs

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