Chris Kudialis

Jacob Nunnemaker of the Massachusetts Department of Fire Services speaks during a panel on marijuana and fire safety at the Mandalay Bay, Monday, June 11, 2018. Also pictured, from left, is Kristin Bigda and Ray Bizal of the National Fire Protection Association as well as Jennifer Hoyt of the Massachusetts Department of Fire Services.

Owners of marijuana cultivation facilities are encouraged to remain in communication with fire officials, who say knowing the chemicals used on weed plants in advance of an emergency can save lives and pot crops.

That was the message on Monday at the National Fire Protection Association at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center.

As an increasing number of pot cultivations become more complex and secure, the work to keep those facilities safe also intensifies.

“There always needs to be dialogue between building and fire officials and everyone else that’s regulating the cannabis industry,” said Ray Bizal, director of regional operations for the National Fire Protection Association. “It’s important for not only the facility, but surrounding areas as well, in case something goes bad.”

The fire association’s annual convention returned for its seventh year in Las Vegas. More 350 exhibitors attended the convention, which catered to 5,000 attendees.

The nearly two-hour workshop on fire safety at weed cultivation facilities included first responders from the Massachusetts Department of Fire Services, where medical marijuana is legal and recreational pot is scheduled to kick off on July 1. The three-member panel aimed to educate more 300 firefighters on preventing further disaster in the event of a cultivation facility fire.

Speakers said the advanced security measures and layout designs used to protect the facility from thieves and other unauthorized people also presents an added challenge for firefighters in the

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