It’s not unusual for a pastor in a strongly GOP county to be running for elected office.

They are, after all, by definition leaders in their own churches and communities.

However, Colorado’s endorsement of “legalized” marijuana has done more than push a surge in marijuana tourism, trigger more drug-influenced accidents and put the state in the bull’s-eye for neighboring states who have to deal with the marijuana-carrying travelers who leave the state still carrying.

It’s created the unusual situation where a pastor from the first in the nation Church of Cannabis is running for public office.

Pastor Brandon Baker, 39, is campaigning as a Republican for an at-large county commissioner seat this November in Weld County.

Weld is far from your typical county in America.

It is bigger than Rhode Island and Delaware combined, proudly proclaims “In God We Trust” on the county seal, has no long-term debt and no county sales tax.

In addition, the county has a strong pro-life view, prohibiting Plan B from being sold in county funded healthcare clinics.

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The county is such a powerhouse in Colorado that in 2013, residents contemplated becoming a separate state. The county also made national news that same year following the Democratic controlled legislature pushing through a series of radical gun control laws when its sheriff, John Cooke, sued the state after stating publicly he would not enforce the new laws.

Baker is the pastor of Greenfaith Ministry, which has documents on its website showing it is the first marijuana-based church approved by the federal government and at the state level. The church places a heavy focus on the use of cannabis.

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