Updated 9:00 am, Saturday, June 2, 2018

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — In New York government news, lawmakers are entering the final weeks of the legislative session and despite a long-list of bills awaiting action many are expecting only a few big accomplishments.

A look at the issues remaining before lawmakers adjourn later this month:

SPORTS BETTING: A recent Supreme Court ruling authorizes states to regulate and tax sports betting. There’s already legislation pending in Albany, but Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo has said there won’t be enough time this session to hammer out the details of what’s likely to be a complicated law.

CHILD VICTIMS ACT: Child molestation victims have tried for years to get the Legislature to extend the criminal and civil statutes of limitation for molestation, and to create a one-year window allowing victims to sue over decades-old abuse. The bill passed the Assembly again this year, but remains hung up in the Senate, where it has not been scheduled for a vote. Senate Republicans have offered an alternative that doesn’t include the one-year litigation window — a deal breaker for many supporters. There’s little reason to believe the impasse will be resolved soon.

MARIJUANA LEGALIZATION: State health officials are poised to release a report outlining the state’s options when it comes to legalizing recreational marijuana that could guide the debate in the Legislature. But it’s hard to imagine lawmakers could work out the complicated details of legalizing pot before the session ends.

PRESIDENTIAL PARDONS: Critics of President Donald Trump have long looked to New York’s attorney general as a backup plan if federal investigations into Russian election meddling and the White House don’t result in criminal charges against Trump insiders. But a loophole in state law could inadvertently shield anyone pardoned by the

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