A cannabis testing lab in Sacramento has lost its license to operate after management admitted the facility had falsified test results during an inspection by state regulators. Sequoia Analytical Labs has admitted that its lab director had been falsifying results for 22 of 66 required pesticide tests and has said that it will take full responsibility for the fiasco, according to media reports.

Steven Dutra, the general manager of Sequoia Analytical, said that regulators determined that lab equipment was faulty during a surprise inspection from the California Bureau of Cannabis Control last week. Dutra said that the lab director, who he identified as Marc Foster, knew that laboratory equipment was not operating properly.

“When they asked the lab director where his data came from, he honestly told them, ‘I faked it,’” Dutra said.

Dutra said that he was shocked by the revelation.

“This was a gut punch, completely,” said Dutra.

Foster was terminated immediately and the lab surrendered its temporary license to the BCC. Results from more than 700 samples tested over a period of nearly five months are now suspect. Dutra said that on average cannabis samples fail pesticide testing about 3 percent of the time. He believes that the risk to

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