CANNABIS CULTURE -Recent news stories about the discovery of a 2,500 yr old cannabis burning brazier from China, have inspired me to take a further look at cannabis long and controversial history in this area in a two part article. The first part will deal with cannabis’ role with the indigenous Han Chinese, its medicinal references in ancient China, and its role in Taoism. The second part which will follow in a couple of weeks, will discuss the recent archeological finds of resinous female cannabis among the Indo-European Gushi culture, who lived in China from 2,000-400 BCE, including the wood brazier being touted in the news recently as the first identifiable proof of cannabis with high THC content being burnt and inhaled.

[Excerpted from Cannabis and the Soma Solution, 2010)

Thought by some botanists to be the original home of undomesticated cannabis, in Asia Hemp use dates back far into the Stone Age, with hemp fibre imprints found in pottery shards in Taiwan, just off the coast of mainland China, that were over 10,000 years old. Alongside these shards were found long rod shaped tools, similar to those used in mainland China in later times to decord hemp. As well,

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