A dog rests inside a cage at Vestavia Animal Clinic.


Some pet owners are using cannabis for canines and cats for their health.

The reasons why may be more common now that several people use cbd oil and other cannabis based remedies on themselves.

ABC 33/40 interviewed a veterinarian who says this isn’t brand new across America but it is getting more attention now in Alabama.

Our pets are our family. When family is in pain, you want them to get well. As a veterinarian, Doctor Shane West says it’s only human to feel that way about dogs. Dr. West says, “We try to find something that works for them and to help them.”

Some say they are giving cannabis a shot to help their furry four-legged friend. One woman on the street told ABC 33/40, “I would do CBD oil in a heartbeat.”

While it may work, Dr. West makes this point. “Everybody is afraid to publish anything because it is not legal on a national level,” Dr. West says.

Around the country, some dog and cat owners are using it for chronic conditions like osteoarthritis.

West explains some research from Cornell University looks promising but there’s just not enough of it. “There are dogs that did well that had osteoarthritis following the use of CBD oil but that’s a very limited slice of research,” he says. “I can’t officially recommend that legally even. I certainly can’t provide it, but if i had exhausted conventional medicine, and I didn’t think it was working, I would try that.”

States around the country are selling pot for pets, including Massachusetts.

It has not reached this state though.

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