Sonora, CA – Two Tuolumne County Supervisors went head-to-head at Tuesday’s board meeting regarding the City of Sonora’s intent to approve an amendment to the Bract House Development agreement to allow it to sell recreational cannabis.

At issue was whether the board would send a letter to the City prior to their next council meeting (May 17th) advising them to deny that agreement based on the city’s “Business and Professions Code” which restricts the location of a cannabis retailer within a 600-foot radius of a school, daycare center, or youth center.

The Bract House is located at 10 Calaveras Street next door to the county’s Behavioral Health Services Department and Family Visitation Center. However, it is unclear as to whether that law includes visitation centers. A distinction that District 3 Supervisor Anaiah Kirk, who requested the letter opposing the dispensary, and District 5 Supervisor Jaron Brandon got into a heated debate over. Kirk called it irresponsible, while Brandon argued it is up to the city and the board already has a damaged relationship with the council. Kirk countered, “My argument is that we are splitting hairs on the definition of a

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