Should Maine’s District Attorneys be prosecuting marijuana cases? A candidate trying to become the next District Attorney in Kennebec and Somerset Counties says “no.”

Gardiner attorney Kevin Sullivan announced his candidacy this week and a major part of his platform is making headlines.

“I just think that it doesn’t make sense to spend money, the state’s money, to prosecute marijuana at this point,” Sullivan said Friday.

Sullivan, who has been a practicing defense attorney in central Maine for the past decade, says if elected, he will not prosecute any crimes involving marijuana. That includes possession, use, sale, cultivation or trafficking. The Independent says he joined the race late because “the campaign season is too long” also says he neither uses nor condones the use of marijuana. But he adds that with limited resources, the District Attorney’s office has bigger fish to fry.

“Drugs are a major problem in maine and I’m not saying that marijuana is not a drug,” Sullivan said. “But marijuana doesn’t seem to be a violent drug. I’ve represented a lot of people over the last 10 years on OUI’s (operating Under the Influence), I’ve never represented one for an OUI charged with marijuana. Alcohol, other drugs, these prescription pain killer drugs are a huge problem for Maine. Heroin is a huge problem. Cocaine is a problem. These things are all major problems and they need to be prosecuted.”

Current District Attorney Maeghan Maloney says, not going prosecuting marijuana cases sets a bad precedent.

“It sets the district attorney up as having the ability to overrule the legislature. That’s dangerous. What if we have someone who wants to run for district attorney and doesn’t want to prosecute OUI cases? Or doesn’t want to prosecute any number of cases? That’s not my decision to make, that’s the decision of the legislature,” Maloney said.

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