Atlas Edibles are granola clusters infused with cannabis. Photo: Atlas Edibles

Ask Ezra Malmuth if he ever thought he’d be running a cannabis company and his answer is: “Fuck no.”

“I’m a classically trained chef, and have been cooking professionally with local caterers since I was 14,” he said, by way of introduction.

Meet the 30-year-old founder of Atlas Edibles, a Berkeley-based company devoted to a healthier alternative to many of the edible cannabis products out there. He’s also a Berkeley native and was raised in an Orthodox Jewish family, which means that obtaining kosher certification for his edibles is a goal, even though he no longer keeps kosher himself.

Malmuth’s resume includes interning at Chez Panisse — David Tanis was his mentor — while still in high school, serving as chef at Flavor, a Mediterranean spot that was in Berkeley’s Epicurious Garden for a short stint in 2013, running a food truck in Denver and serving as executive chef at Berkeley favorite Lalime’s.

Atlas Edibles founder Ezra Malmuth. Photo: Atlas Edibles

So the fact that he’s now in the cannabis business is surprising, even to him.

“When I listen to myself say that I now operate and own a healthy cannabis company it feels like it’s really different, but when I think about it, I’m still on the same mission: providing nourishment and giving people an experience,” he said. “This still has everything I love about food. You feel good when you eat a great meal, you feel even better when you eat it with good friends in some kind of new experience or environment. In many ways, edibles are merging all of that, but then taking it to a whole other stratosphere.”

Though Atlas was founded in August 2016, it has already received several awards in the exploding cannabis industry.

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