It’s June first, and that’s a key date in Massachusetts’ efforts to set up a legal recreational cannabis industry.  It’s the first day the Cannabis Control Commission can begin awarding licenses to marijuana businesses.  But don’t look for a flood of licenses to be issued right away.

The soonest the first license could be awarded, is this coming Tuesday, the next time the commission meets.  But whether that first license is issued then depends on if an applicant has completed all the steps in the licensing process, including local approval and a background check. 

“We’re doing our work, but we are also dependent upon getting feedback in terms of background checks,” said commission chair Steve Hoffman.  “We’re also waiting; we are required to get feedback from the cities and towns that their requirements have been met.”

As of earlier this week, 38 license applications, including 10 retail stores and 16 cultivators have submitted the necessary paperwork to the commission for review. 

This report comes from the New England News Collaborative, eight public media companies, including Rhode Island Public Radio, joining together to tell stories of a changing region with support from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

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