To the Editor:

Holbrook Board of Selectmen signed into a Host Agreement in 2014 with Mass Medicum Corp allowing them to be a grow facility, to cultivate medical marijuana in Holbrook for revenue. In 2017 the Board again signed a Host agreement allowing Mass Medicum to construct a Registered Marijuana Dispensary (RMD), for the ‘cash only’ sale of Medical Marijuana products in Holbrook. The town administrator also started the process to zone for the retail marijuana. The Board of Selectmen has stated on several occasions that they were unanimously against retail marijuana and marijuana products in our town. After the 2017 election to legalize the recreational use of marijuana, Holbrook Planning Board put a moratorium article in place until December 2018 with the option to extend.

Medical Marijuana business is controlled through the Department of Public Health (DPH) and there is an extensive application process to follow before being approved to open a business.

In 2017, everyone knew that an RMD could adopt retail marijuana after June 2018. After the third time, Mass Medicum appeared before the BOS requesting yet another change to its original agreement to ‘cultivate only’ to become a medical dispensary. BOS Chairman Danny Lee asked Phil Silverman, representing attorney for Mass Medicum, why they should they sign in favor to support the request. Silverman assured the board that their intentions were to be strictly for medicinal purposes only and that they would not return to the board with the request for a host agreement for Retail Recreational Marijuana. If the Town does not have any regulations, bylaws or policies regarding restrictions etc. in place and signs a Host agreement in favor of any type of retail recreational marijuana it opens this community up to any and all possible types of recreational marijuana establishments and marijuana products

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