Marijuana may only be legal in a handful of U.S. states, but that doesn’t mean all other states treat the drug like its the spawn of Satan. Many states have decriminalized the drug and rarely enforce anti-cannabis laws.

Here are 10 states where marijuana isn’t legal, but it may as well be:

10. Vermont

Technically, this will only be true for another few months since Vermont legalized marijuana earlier this year, but even before those laws kick in, it’s still mostly ok to use cannabis there. Vermont has the eight lowest rate of marijuana arrests in the country and has the third highest rate of cannabis users behind only Oregon and Colorado.

9. Massachusetts

Yet again, another state that we can only include on this list for another few months before legalization starts in July. Massachusetts has the lowest marijuana arrest rate in the country as well as the eighth highest rate of users. No wonder they legalized!

8. Maine

Again, technically a state that has legalized marijuana. But the state’s governor has refused to sign legislation that would actually implement the new laws. But he seems to be the only person in the state who actually still cares if people use cannabis.

7. Ohio

When you think of progressive states, Ohio usually doesn’t really come to mind. But they’re actually ahead of the curve when it comes to marijuana. The state has decriminalized cannabis and has the 10th lowest marijuana arrest rate in the country.

6. Illinois

Illinois is seen as a future battleground for legalized marijuana. The state’s already decriminalized cannabis and allows it for a limited number of medical reasons. And the Chicago Police Department routinely brags about how much marijuana arrests are decreasing in recent years. So you’re pretty safe to toke up here.

5. Hawaii

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