Hamels is on the Rangers, so it’s time for the Red Sox to turn their attention — and prospects — out west.
The Cole Hamels saga is finally over, as he’s now been traded to the Texas Rangers. That means he’s no longer available to the Red Sox, who still need to find pitching somewhere if they want to avoid another disastrous season like 2015. Boston could wait until the winter, then use their considerable finances to sign, say, Johnny Cueto or David Price — it would end up being in the $200 million range most likely, and for at least seven years, but they wouldn’t cost a draft pick or prospects.* Or maybe they don’t care about the pick, and are willing to go all-in on someone like Jordan Zimmermann, who will cost a bit less in years and dollars but is capable of leading a staff.
*Okay, well, Price might still end up costing a prospect, but if he’s traded in the next 30 hours or so, that won’t be the case.

Cueto, Price, and Zimmermann are all excellent, but they are also older, and will be a drain on Boston’s wallets. They would be worth it at their best, but if the Sox weren’t willing to give Jon Lester exactly what he wanted as a free agent this past offseason, it’s hard to believe they’ll go in this direction for more of an organizational unknown. No, instead, there is another option, and it’s one the Red Sox seem to already be exploring, according to Nick Cafardo — if not in practice, then at least in theory. The Sox should gather a significant portion of their significant farm system, and ship it out to the Oakland A’s and Billy Beane in exchange for their young ace, Sonny Gray.

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This likely comes off as the same kind of entitled bull that small-market teams perpetually deal with from large-market ones: “Hey now, that’s a good-looking young player you got there, would be a shame if anyone were to pluck them from you.” However, this is a different situation: Beane is known for moving his pieces when he thinks he can get the most for them, and it was just last offseason that he sent Josh Donaldson — in his first of four years of arbitration — to the Blue Jays for a package …Read More