We’ve been writing about 2015 since about May of 2014, but now — after this weekend’s Jeter-fest — the Red Sox season is really over.

There are no Derek Jeters on the Red Sox roster, but in trying to build a team for 2015, we take a look at which players are keepers and which should be moved in an offseason where there are likely to be a few additions through trades and free agency.

1B Mike Napoli — Napoli has one year at $16 million remaining on his contract. Finger, toe, and back injuries limited his production. He didn’t deliver as a middle-of-the-order hitter because of it. Two schools of thought here. To accommodate the plethora of outfielders, you deal him and use Allen Craig at first, or you hope Napoli’s power returns.

Verdict: Keep him. Righthanded power is hard to find.

2B Dustin Pedroia — Think intangibles here as a much as tangibles. Heart and soul, the face of the team, the toughness. You’d never be able to replace him properly, and for those who think he’s declining, listen when he says, “You haven’t seen my best days.”

Verdict: Keep him. Really, you’re talking about the best second baseman in the game. Yes, he’s fallen behind Jose Altuve and Robinson Cano offensively, but the rebound should be fun to watch.

SS Xander Bogaerts — Until he hits for average and power we’ll always debate his ability as a shortstop. Jeter and Cal Ripken’s defense and range weren’t much of a factor for most of the years they played because their offense was so good for the position. That’s what Bogaerts will have to do.

Verdict: Keep him. At 21, you don’t give up on him, unless you need to include him in a package that would bring you Giancarlo Stanton. Then I …read more