The Bruins finally have a home on the FM dial in Western Massachusetts.

WEEI 105.5 FM Springfield and 1440 AM in Worcester will begin a three-year contract broadcasting a majority of Bruins games starting with the season-opener against the Philadelphia Flyers on Oct. 8.

“It’s the first time they’ve had a consistent home in Western Mass.,” Director of Sales and Operations for Entercom New England David Oldread said. “They’ve never been on an FM signal and the fact that we have a three-year agreement in place starting this year means that the Western Mass. sports fans, particularly the Western Mass. Bruins fans will have a consistent radio home for the Bruins for the next three years.”

The contract runs through the spring of 2017.

Due to existing conflicts, like that of UMass basketball from November through mid-March, the Springfield and Worcester stations will carry about 75 of 82 Bruins regular-season games this season, in addition to the playoffs.

“For us, it made a lot of sense to look at this,” Oldread said. “The area seems to have such a strong passion for the sport. Whether you live in Westfield or Wilbraham, it doesn’t seem to make any difference.”

Both WEEI stations will use the same feed, and therefore the same broadcast team, from the Bruins’ flagship station, CBS’ 98.5 FM in Boston.

“It was really driven by our listeners, our advertisers,” Oldread said. “When we had the opportunity to fill in the programming in the winter months basically from the point the Red Sox regular season ends to when they come back in April, we have an awful lot of nights to fill there and the feedback I got from a lot of people was basically why don’t you guys take the Bruins. This is a very passionate hockey area in Western Mass and even northern Connecticut, …read more