The game situation was totally different for Jimmy Garoppolo, of course, but it was impossible not to notice what happened at the end of Monday night’s game.

Garoppolo, the Patriots’ second-round pick this year, came in and gave a dead offense some life. He took a team that couldn’t move the ball and immediately drove the Patriots for a touchdown.

And as that was happening it was impossible to also not think about Tom Brady in the past tense. To wonder if we’re just never going to see one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history be great anymore. It was also worth wondering if the Patriots’ incredible dynasty died at Arrowhead Stadium, too. That’s how bad the 41-14 loss was. The Patriots have never looked this incompetent in the Belichick-Brady era.

Maybe the Patriots and Brady are fooling us and by the end of the year they’ll wear the “AFC East Champions” hats with yet another double-digit win season and look back on this game at Kansas City and laugh. But the Patriots’ embarrassment was so thorough and complete that you have to wonder if that team is ever coming back.

The Chiefs played a magnfiicent all-around game, and they deserve a lot of credit. But the Patriots looked terrible, too. The Patriots were outgained 303-96 in the first half. The defense was awful, as bad as a Bill Belichick defense has ever looked. But the defense has played well at times this year. Brady hasn’t.

Before we get to Brady’s excuses, let’s review some facts. Brady is completing just 59 percent of his passes. He has 791 yards in four games. He has just four touchdowns. His yards per attempt is among the lowest in the league. Against the Chiefs he had …read more