President Trump recorded a robocall Monday calling on voters to help defeat Jon Ossoff, the Democratic candidate running for Georgia’s 6th congressional district, saying he will “raise your taxes, destroy your healthcare, and flood our country with illegal immigrants.”

In Trump’s automated call about Tuesday’s Georgia special election, he urges voters fight against the “Washington Democrats” such as House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) to win the seat. 


“Liberal democrats from outside of Georgia are spending millions and millions of dollars trying to take your Republican congressional seat away from you. Don’t let them do it,” Trump said in the phone call.

“Only you can stop the super-liberal Democrats and Nancy Pelosi’s group, and in particular Jon Ossoff. If you don’t vote tomorrow, Ossoff will raise your taxes, destroy your healthcare, and flood our country with illegal immigrants,” he continued. 

Trump did not urge voters to support a specific Republican candidate, but he pushed qualifying voters to vote “Republican.” And he said Republicans would help the U.S. economy and national security.

“That way we can cut spending and get our economy back on track, and keep America safe. It is already happening. There’s only one way to stop the Washington liberals from taking your congressional seat, and your money, and your safety. And that’s by voting Republican for Congress tomorrow,” the president said. 

The Republican National Committee sponsored the call. 

The special election is a “jungle primary,” which means a candidate can win the seat outright on Tuesday if by winning 50 percent of the ballots cast. If no candidate reaches that threshold, the top two finishers will go to a runoff in June. 

Ossoff is the clear Democratic favorite facing a crowded field of Republicans. Most experts believe his best shot at winning is on Tuesday, as Republicans will benefit from coalescing around one candidate in a runoff. 


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