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Earlier this week, the NFL made a big deal about accusing Tom Brady of destroying his physical cell phone as if that were a clear admission of guilt regarding Deflategate.
Yes, it doesn’t look good that Brady replaced what he says was a broken Samsung with an Apple iPhone 6 on March 6, the very day he was interviewed by the league’s investigator Ted Wells about his role in Deflategate.
But looking at that timing, while omitting several key pieces of information, makes the league look like it’s trying to create another reason to affirm its initial four-game suspension.
Let’s start with the idea of destroying a phone, which might be the most important piece of perspective that, not only fans, but league officials might want to study up on.
Although very few people in the general public destroy their phones, people in the limelight frequently are encouraged to do so.
Sure, information lives on the cloud and in virtual storage everywhere, but managers of high-profile people often have plans in place to make sure that when a phone is no longer to be used that the hardware is rendered completely useless.
“As someone who lost his phone and was threatened by the person who found it to take numbers celebrities and players public, I advise my players to destroy phones they are no longer using out of respect for people whose numbers are in there, whose conversations could perhaps be recovered,” said NFL agent David Canter, who represents San Diego Chargers safety Eric Weddle, Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Sean Smith and Miami Dolphins defensive end Olivier Vernon, among others.
Think about what you or I might have on our phones that possibly could be recovered even if a phone is so-called “wiped.” Now think about the paranoia that surrounds celebrities and what is on their phones. With his supermodel wife Gisele Bundchen, combined with the profile that he has built himself, Tom Brady’s rolodex is among the most valuable in the world. It makes sense that he protects it.
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