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By Andrew Kahn

These divisional rivals are going in opposite directions. After a season-opening victory, the Jets have lost five in a row. While they had a chance against Green Bay and Chicago in Weeks 2 and 3, they’ve gone backwards from there. Their schedule eases up after this trip to New England, but it’s too late to salvage the season. New England, meanwhile, was taking a lot of heat after a Week 4 Monday night blowout loss to the Chiefs, but has bounced back with two straight dominating performances (combined score: 80-39). Kick-off is 8:25 ET and can be seen on CBS.

When New York has the ball:

No current starting quarterback has a lower passing rating than Geno Smith. And yet, he still seems like the better option than old, brittle Michael Vick. So maybe the Jets look to draft a quarterback in 2015—and set their franchise back another couple of years, as nearly all rookie quarterbacks do—but for now, they’re stuck with Smith. To the naked eye, he looks more comfortable than last year. He keeps his eyes downfield and seems to know where his receivers will be. And yet, his numbers are terrible. He’s on another horrid interception pace (seven so far), surprising for a guy who, in his senior year of college, had three games in which his touchdown total equaled or exceeded his incompletion total. Needless to say, he’s not progressing like the Jets would like.

Part of the problem is that too much is being asked of Smith. The last two weeks, the Jets haven’t been able to get the ground game going. They were completely shut down by Denver until the final quarter, mustering just 31 yards total. They …read more