ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter had an interesting conversation about Tom Brady, his future and his state of mind on Thursday afternoon’s “The Herd” on ESPN Radio.

There has been tension between Brady and the coaching staff this season, according to an ESPN report, an assertion the quarterback has denied.

Some highlights from Schefter:

Will the Patriots trade Brady? Rumors about the Patriots possibly dealing Brady after this season have been widespread. Schefter, for one, doesn’t see Brady leaving town: “I don’t think they trade him and I don’t think he goes anywhere,” Schefter said.

But if Brady did get traded, what would he fetch? “I spoke to about a half-dozen general managers and front office executives about this very topic last week because we knew that this conversation would be coming,” Schefter told host Colin Cowherd.

More from Schefter: “There was one person I spoke with who told me … this guy was adamant, that if the Patriots traded Tom Brady after the season … [they would get] two No. 1 picks. I said ‘Two No. 1s? He’s 37!’ He said ‘There’s the one because of the position he plays, quarterback, and there’s [another first-rounder] for the marketing intangibles that he brings.’

“So I brought this to other people and I asked them. The consensus that I took away was, I don’t think they get two [first-rounders]. But let’s say you’re the Houston Texans, what are you giving up for Tom Brady after this year? You’re giving up a [first-round pick], for sure. Wouldn’t you trade a first-round pick for Tom Brady? Done!

“So he does get a [first-round pick] after this season. I think they’d struggle to get more than that.

“Here’s the other factor to consider. If you’re Tom Brady and you’re 37 …read more