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Here’s something you don’t see every day: A politician calmly explaining their unconventional stance on an issue, asking for their constituents to reconsider their long-held beliefs … and then lighting up a big bowl of marijuana on camera.

Anne Armstrong, who is running for governor of Rhode Island on the Compassion Party’s write-in ticket, has one big issue she’d like to accomplish as the state’s top civil official: the legalization of marijuana. She herself smokes marijuana regularly to treat a chronic ailment and believes that our bodies need cannabinoids to be nice and healthy.

Unlike former President Bill Clinton, she inhales.

Armstrong’s campaign video manages to be both a refreshing hit of honesty and a little bit out there:

Source: YouTube

I’m Anne Armstrong, and I’m going to be the next governor of Rhode Island. And I hope that during my tenure, I will be able to dispel a number of misconceptions about cannabis use.

I use cannabis every day. I cook it into food, and I use it as medicine to help me with a physical condition. I use it as a dietary supplement, and yes, I do smoke cannabis, and yes, I do inhale.

And it helps me it helps me. It helps me to focus, it helps to facilitate communication. It doesn’t make people crazy the way you’ve been told.

And so I hope that you will read and open your eyes and realize the truth that we’ve been lied to for a long time by our government, and something that’s been essential to our health has been taken away from us, and that’s why people get sick with cancer, that’s why they get sick with a lot of chronic degenerative diseases — because they’ve been deprived of cannabinoids, and our bodies need them.

So as governor, I’m going to do …read more