Jim Davis/The Boston Globe

BOSTON � With the season winding down and injuries piling up, we may have seen the last of several Red Sox players on the field in 2014.

That group includes David Ortiz, Mike Napoli, and Brock Holt.

Ortiz hurt his left wrist on a swing Tuesday night against the Rays. He did not play Wednesday and is out of the lineup again Thursday for the season-series finale against the Rays. While it is not definite that Ortiz is done for the season, manager John Farrell said the team is being cautious with a day-to-day approach. Farrell also said while he is leaning toward not having Ortiz play again, he was not going to hold Ortiz out of the lineup if the designated hitter felt good enough to play.

�If he feels like he�s good to go, we�re certainly not going to hold him out of the lineup,� Farrell said. �If it�s something that�s in that gray area, it�s something where we�ve got to be cautious of that.�

Ortiz sustained a partially torn tendon sheath in the same wrist on May 31, 2008, in the ninth inning at Baltimore. He missed a total of 45 games with the injury, and avoided having surgery, but he appeared in just 109 games that season, his second-fewest while with the Sox to his injury-shortened 2012.

This injury is in the same general area as the 2008 injury, Farrell said, �in the TFCC [triangular fibrocartilage complex] area,� which is why the team is being cautious now.

� Napoli has been dealing with an assortment of injuries including his left ring finger, his back, and toe. Farrell said conversations are �going on right now� to determine if Napoli will need surgery in the offseason.
� Holt has not played since leaving the Sept. 5 game against the Blue Jays and …read more