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Sam Kennedy has been tabbed as the next Red Sox president, causing many to wonder how Larry Lucchino’s successor will handle the job and what role he’ll play in Boston’s roster construction.
Kennedy obviously will have a lot on his plate, but he plans to leave the organization’s on-field baseball evaluations in the hands of those who know the game best.
“I really see the role of president as the day-to-day leader of the organization, the whole organization,” Kennedy told on Sunday night. “But I don’t see the role of the president as someone who is going to get into the nitty-gritty of baseball operations. I think the role is to be more of a resource, kind of a sounding board — help with communications with ownership, with fans, with the media.
“I strongly believe that the baseball decisions, evaluations, acquisitions, all of that, needs to be left to the baseball experts. That’s really served us well in our 14 years. Of course, we’ve had some high highs and some low lows. But to me, the team in baseball operations are the ones who are charged with making the recommendations to ownership and then they execute on their recommendations and their plans. That’s really how I think it should work and how it has worked. It will play out in the coming months, but that’s how I see it working.”
Kennedy has been with the Red Sox since the current ownership group took over in 2002. He’s been around the game for years, even playing baseball in college, so he knows how things work.
Kennedy clearly doesn’t want there to be too many cooks in the kitchen as far as evaluating on-field talent, though. He’ll instead focus on his area of expertise, which is the business side of baseball.
“In terms of my role and how I see it is really having a seat at the table for all decisions within the company, but when it comes to specific baseball evaluations, recommendations, my strong feeling is to leave those recommendations, those decisions to the baseball experts,” Kennedy told “I would feel the same way with the ticketing department, the sponsorship group, legal, HR, finance. …Read More