While it felt as if 29 other teams were spitting out blockbuster trades like watermelon seeds last week, the Red Sox sat off to the side, content with knitting a wrap for the coming winter.
Shane Victorino to the Angels for Josh Rutledge?
Picking up Jean Machi off waivers from San Francisco?
Ryan Cook for cash from Oakland?
Besides an odd preference for West Coast talent, the Red Sox’ decision to essentially sit out this year’s trade-a-palooza was the equivalent of a strong dose of Dramamine around these parts. The ballclub at least was wise enough to know not to act like a buyer — hence, no Cole Hamels-like starters, which remains their biggest need — but it also did not have the gumption and strong enough desire to pawn off fungible parts such as Junichi Tazawa, Koji Uehara and Mike Napoli, to name a few. Their inaction does not make them losers in this year’s roundup of movers and shakers. It simply places them in the boring landscape in the middle of the big league panorama shot.
The Red Sox may yet decide to make some post-waiver deadline deals this month but as far as making a splash at the big event, the Sox did not even show up.
For those who did, here’s who came away as winners and those who blew their shot at not only bettering their standing in the division but also to gaining trade deadline immortality.
•    Royals: Kansas City GM Dayton Moore doesn’t just get it. He’s going for it.
The acquisitions of starter Johnny Cueto and infielder/outfielder Ben Zobrist represent a double dose of precision-guided strikes that almost perfectly line up with Kansas City’s needs. The Royals rotation was good but not great. With Cueto, it is near-great. The club has about as much shot of re-signing the pending free agent as it did of inking James Shields when he was in the same boat last year, but that matters little. According to scouting experts, the Reds did well in terms of prospects in their return package, but the Royals had to show their fans they were willing to sacrifice their future for the promise of the real and immediate shot of winning one more game than they were able to last year …Read More