We don’t know for sure if Derek Jeter is going to play this weekend at Fenway Park to finish out his storied career, but we do know that the Red Sox plan to celebrate the Yankee captain’s achievements on Sunday.

And we’ve got some details on one of the gifts the Yankee great will receive from his team’s greatest rival that was made in a Brunswick, Maine clothing factory.

Jeter remained non-committal on his plans for the weekend following the Yankees 9-5 loss to the Orioles Wednesday night.

“We just lost, man,” Jeter told reporters. “Respect the fact that we just lost, we are not going to the playoffs. I can�t think about Boston right now. Right now I am disappointed, I can�t tell you about Boston because I am not thinking about Boston.”

Now that the Yankees have been eliminated from postseason play, New York manager Joe Girardi has hedged on his plan to pencil Jeter into the lineup for all remaining games.

“I will leave that up to [Jeter], very similar with what I did for Mo [Rivera],” Girardi said of Jeter’s final days. “In my mind, I really thought Mo would want to play an inning in center field and it never happened. I will leave it up to Derek, I don�t see why I would do it any different.”

As far as honoring Jeter at Fenway this weekend, fans should expect the ceremony to be understated.

“It’s going to be a one day ceremony, on Sunday,” Red Sox president Larry Lucchino said on WEEI’s Dennis and Callahan show Thursday. “We hope he’s going to play this weekend. I think it’s likely that he will. I would describe it as low-key. It’s more respect and admiration for him as a ballplayer. I don’t think you’ll see too many talking heads but there will be …read more