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BOSTON — Derek Jeter managed to do the impossible in the final day of his career.

He turned Fenway Park into Yankee Stadium North.

After being knocked a year ago for their tone-deaf “tribute” to Mariano Rivera, the Red Sox sent Jeter off with plenty of respect before Sunday’s 9-5 Yankee win.

“It was unbelievable,” Jeter said following his 1-for-2 performance he departed following a third-inning single. “It was hard to envision what would happen because it’s a place where we have been the enemy for a very long time. For them to flip the script for the last time coming here it made me feel extremely proud. I was happy that I was part of this rivalry.”

Before the game, Jeter went to shortstop and Boston sports icons, including Carl Yastrzemski, Bobby Orr and Paul Pierce, each greeted him.

It was a stark contrast to what the Red Sox did for Rivera during his farewell tour, which was more of a roast than an honor.

But on Sunday, the Red Sox began with a video montage of the Red Sox-Yankees rivalry during Jeter’s time in The Bronx and ending half an hour later with a rendition of “Respect” sung by “The Voice” contestant Michelle Brooks-Thompson, of Sunderland, Mass., in front of an embarrassed Jeter at shortstop.

Brooks-Thompson filled in for Aretha Franklin, who was ill.

The manual scoreboard in the Green Monster read “With re2pect 2 Derek Jeter.”

Soon after, Jeter jogged to shortstop, where he received a long standing ovation from the crowd that was filled with plenty of people in Yankees shirts and repeatedly chanted his name, even after he was lifted from the game.

That was followed by a litany of Boston sports icons greeting Jeter at short — starting with Yastrzemski and ending with the …read more