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There weren’t many season-ticket holders, or any other fans, in the ninth inning Wednesday night

Just call it the Red Sox Comedy Hour (or two or three).
Hey, season-ticket holders, so you’re spending $43,000 (four tickets) and you’re a little teed off?

You’re getting a front-row seat to the best comedy show in town.
Come to the ballpark, have a few beers or Cokes, kick back, and have some laughs.

Rick Porcello struggles again as Red Sox fall to White Sox

See the Red Sox kick the ball around, not cover bases, get runners thrown out at the plate, pitch like Bozo the Clown. Just enjoy the show.
The last couple of nights you’ve seen a nice pregame show with Pedro Martinez. The Red Sox lead the league in nice pregame shows.
Keep telling yourself this about Rick Porcello, who gave you two innings, allowing five earned runs on 10 hits in Wednesday night’s 9-2 loss to the White Sox:
1. He will be better than this in the future.
2. Larry Lucchino says you have to give it a few years before you can fairly assess the deal.
3. The Red Sox were right at the time to target a 26-year-old established starting pitcher as someone who would grow even better as he reached his prime years.
4. Sometimes a pitcher or player gets overwhelmed the first season in a new uniform. He’ll be OK next year.
Has anyone activated him on DraftKings this year?
Terrific, let’s say we buy into all of it. Will Porcello ever live up to a $20 million a year contract, which is normally given to the ace of the staff?
The Red Sox are getting about five cents on their $12.5 million investment this year. And then the big bucks start next year.
The Red Sox still have some of the best audiences in the game despite the bad times. More than 34,000 per game come — to get a good laugh. Where do the Sox go from here?
Will they pay one of the top free agent pitchers on the market another $20 million, or north of there? Would they be in on David Price, Jeff Samardzija, Jordan Zimmermann, Scott Kazmir, or Johnny Cueto after paying Porcello?
Will they try to take a chance on finding that up-and-comer, a Porcello …Read More