FOXBOROUGH, Mass. — Cornerback Darrelle Revis is no stranger to the prime-time stage, but ESPN’s “Monday Night Football” matchup between the New England Patriots and Kansas City Chiefs will mark his first regular-season experience as a Patriot.

Revis has appeared to blend into the Patriots’ culture seamlessly since signing a two-year, $32 million contract on March 17. One example of this came when he was joined in Arizona by new teammates Devin McCourty, Logan Ryan and Tavon Wilson for offseason training in the weeks before training camp.

As part of our weekly feature, the 29-year-old Revis reflected on his “football journey” – from his time as Pennsylvania’s Class AA Player of the Year as a senior at Aliquippa High School to the present day:

When he first started playing football: “When I was 7. I just liked the sport and wanted to play.”

Role models and players he admired growing up: “My uncle, Sean Gilbert, he played 11 years [in the NFL]. Ty Law. A bunch of guys — Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith, at that time the Cowboys were rolling, Michael Irvin and those guys. Then Darrell Green, Deion Sanders. There is a list of them, but I’ll leave it at those names. I looked up to a lot of people.”

Favorite memories at Aliquippa High School: “Winning the state championship my senior year. We went 14-1 that year. When you win states, sealing your senior year with that, that is the way you want to go out.”

Why he attended Pittsburgh: “I felt comfortable with the coaching staff, with the university itself. The facilities are awesome there. In high school, I took a couple visits and wanted to stay home. I’m a Pittsburgh-ian [laughs], wanted to help put Pittsburgh on the map again. There is no better way …read more