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The New England Patriots have opened training camp, which means the camp battles are already firmly under way.
The Super Bowl champions were in the headlines all offseason with the developing news around DeflateGate and quarterback Tom Brady’s four-game suspension, but there are many other issues facing this team headed into the 2015 season.
Who will be the starting guards? How will the depth chart at cornerback finally shake out? Which wide receivers will be rounding out the bottom of the depth chart?
We’ve started to get a glimpse into the answers to these questions, but there is some risk involved in minute-to-minute evaluations at training camp. Mainly, we risk getting caught up in the daily highs and lows, and missing the big picture of the totality of training camp. That being said, it doesn’t hurt to check in after a healthy week of practice and see how these players are doing. 

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We still don’t have the full picture of what the Patriots secondary will look like in 2015, but the pieces to the puzzle appear to finally be connecting. We’ve started to see some more consistent groupings in the secondary, where certain players will appear on the field with other players to form a group of corners who complement each other’s skill sets.
Logan Ryan has been one of the more permanent fixtures in the top defensive grouping, playing primarily in the slot through the first week of practice. The Patriots are not inclined to have one guy play one spot all season long, particularly in the secondary; Bill Belichick likes mixing up his coverage and disguising things to keep quarterbacks guessing. But Ryan consistently in the top defensive unit should be seen as a positive.
That being said, it should not be seen as a surprise. Ryan is one of only two cornerbacks on the roster (along with Malcolm Butler) who already has significant experience playing in the Patriots defense. 

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Brandon LaFell, Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola are entrenched as the top three receivers on the Patriots depth chart. The fourth spot, and everything else behind it, remains up for grabs. Between Brian Tyms, Aaron Dobson, Brandon Gibson and Josh Boyce, there are plenty of players vying for those final two spots on the roster. 
But Tyms may be out of the picture. The …Read More