By Peter Rogers @petahrahgas on October 9, 2014

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Looks like trade rumors are swirling once again surrounding Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald. Evidently after his slow start this season the team may entertain the notion of trading Fitzgerald, and the top rumored destination seems to be the New England Patriots.

Here’s what sticks out to me right away: The Cardinals may entertain the notion to trade Fitzgerald. May. There is zero commitment here and people are reporting like there is a deal in the works. The Cardinals are possibly, maybe contemplating, at one time in the near future the notion of trading their Pro-Bowl wide receiver. That to me doesn’t sound like a trade is on the immediate horizon.

Add in the Patriots and you now have some icing on top of this ridiculous cake.

What team in their right mind would trade up valuable assets — since the Cardinals, if they go from maybe entertaining a trade to definitely entertaining the notion, will be asking for a steep price — for a 32-year-old wide receiver who is carrying a $23.6 million cap hit in 2015? Don’t get me wrong, Fitzgerald is a Hall of Fame wide receiver, but at 32 going on 33, $23.6 million is a lot of money.

For the Patriots, this would single-handedly eat up all the space they freed up by trading Logan Mankins. While some people would think this makes perfect sense, I would rather that cap space go into re-signing Devin McCourty and maybe that Darrelle Revis guy who’s been making quite a difference in the New England secondary.

The Patriots have and will always be linked with Fitzgerald ever since the media got a hold of the fact …read more