FOXBOROUGH — Shane Vereen usually watches Monday Night football as a fan, not as a player scouting future opponents. He spends enough time critiquing film, anyway.

“I do that when I’m here,” Vereen said at his locker Thursday. “So I just kick back and watch.”

Vereen did watch this past Monday. He didn’t quite kick back. He was, as he told Gresh & Zo on CBS Boston, “nervous as all hell.” Especially on that last play.

“I might have been more nervous on that 4th and 5 than I have been in a long time,” Vereen admitted, “but he made the play. He did well.”

Vereen’s younger brother, Brock, stuck with Jets receiver Jeremy Kerley on a potential game-tying pass that sailed a bit too far as the clock showed zeroes, giving Chicago a relieving 27-19 win.

This wasn’t the first time Vereen watched his brother, a rookie Bears safety, in the NFL. He caught a few preseason games and, after the Patriots’ plane landed from Minnesota, he saw the second half of Chicago’s dramatic Week 2 comeback at San Francisco.

But this one was even more tense: Three Chicago defensive backs — Chris Conte, Ryan Mundy and Danny McCray — were injured versus the Jets, leaving Brock Vereen, one season removed from the University of Minnesota, as the club’s most experienced safety. So, no, this wasn’t a typical Monday night for Shane.

“Usually when I watch games, I do watch them as a fan,” Vereen said. “The difference is, this time I was watching as a brother, so there’s a little bit more riding on the game.”

The Patriots and Bears square off in Week 8, which means Shane and Brock — separated by three grades at Valencia (Calif.) high school — will line up against each other for the first time in their careers. <a class="colorbox" rel="nofollow" …read more