By Steve Silva @stevesilva Staff | 08.05.15 | 8:43 AM

Like Red Sox rookie starter Henry Owens last night, the Morning Sports Update makes its debut today. Owens showed promise in the Bronx, but the Red Sox bullpen fell apart and the Yankees steamrolled Boston Tuesday night. Remember Deflategate? Well if you were busy last night, you’ve got 457 pages of Tom Brady’s appeal hearing to digest—or just read the wrap up below along with the rest of the sports news you need to know.
That escalated quicky: “[Henry’s] positive first impression was obscured by what followed. A bullpen overloaded with bargains and castoffs fell apart, allowing 10 runs as the Yankees beat the Red Sox, 13-3.” (The Boston Globe ) Still bad blood between Big Papi and A-Rod?: “It is what it is,” Ortiz said Tuesday night at the Stadium. “The guy is playing the right way now — as far as we know. He’s having a good season and doing the right thing. I guess that deserves credit.” (New York Post)

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Dombrowski to the rescue?: “The news Tuesday that David Dombrowski is out in Detroit—released from his contract as president and general manager of the Tigers ‘to pursue other career opportunities’ by owner Mike Ilitch—dovetails with last weekend’s announcement that Larry Lucchino will step down as president/CEO of the Boston Red Sox at the end of the year. But the timing is coincidental. A Red Sox source said Tuesday afternoon that Dombrowski is not in the running for a position in Boston.” (
Scouting the problem for Sox: “What has doomed the Red Sox in recent seasons has been their evaluation of specific players, be it their on-field skills or their suitability for their roles. Not until they resolve their deficiencies in scouting and player evaluation can the Red Sox dig themselves out of the hole into which they have fallen so abruptly.” (Providence Journal )
Brady’s appeal abridged: “I think whenever I’m done with the phone, I don’t want anybody ever to see the content of the phone, photos. Obviously there is a log with the smart phones of all my e-mail communications. So in those folders, there is …Read More