The Miami Heat’s summer clearance sale continued Monday with the team agreeing to trade reserve guard Zoran Dragic to the Boston Celtics.
The agreement came a day after the Heat reached an agreement to trade guard Shabazz Napier to the Orlando Magic and shortly before the Heat waived forward Henry Walker.
The Heat also included a 2020 second-round pick in the Dragic deal with the Celtics and $1.5 million in cash to pay off Dragic’s contract, while receiving a heavily protected 2019 second-round pick from Boston that likely never will be conveyed, similar to the pick attached from the Magic in the Napier trade. As with the Orlando pick, the Heat only will receive the Celtics selection if Boston finishes with one of the five best records in the NBA.
The Celtics next will move to waive or trade Dragic, with the guard ineligible to re-sign with the Heat this season.
Teams are allowed to include a total of $3.4 million in trades over the course of a salary-cap year, from July to June. The Heat included $1.5 million in the trade with the Celtics, after previously including cash in the Napier trade.
The Heat made starting point guard Goran Dragic, Zoran’s brother, aware of the move in advance of the trade, with the desire by all to get playing time for Zoran. Goran Dragic earlier this month signed a five-year, $85 million free-agent contract with the Heat.
The Napier and Zoran Dragic moves not only ease the Miami Heat’s potential luxury-tax burden, but also clear roster space for young prospects, such as second-year guard Tyler Johnson and 2015 second-round pick Josh Richardson.
The Heat face a Saturday deadline to guarantee half of Johnson’s 2015-16 salary, on the final year of his contract, with Richardson, the No. 40 pick out of Tennessee, still unsigned.
The Heat’s move with Walker was expected, with the forward otherwise due a $100,000 contract partial guarantee on Saturday.
The Heat next will pick up the partial  guarantees with Johnson and center Hassan Whiteside, decisions that have to be made by Saturday. Also, a deal is being finalized with forward James Ennis to bypass Saturday’s deadline for a 50-percent guarantee of his 2015-16 salary, with a decision on Ennis’ entire ’15-16 salary to be made before the start of the regular season.
With Napier and Zoran Dragic excised, the Heat currently have 11 players under guaranteed contract for the coming season: Chris Bosh, Dwyane …Read More