SOMERVILLE — In all likelihood, this was the closest Kelly Olynyk will get to the Larry O’Brien trophy this year: sitting at Legoland with a group of kids, all within arm’s reach of a Lego model of the NBA championship award.
Still, expectations are higher now for the Boston Celtics. At a press conference last week, president of basketball operations Danny Ainge said he brought in established veterans to help win playoffs games. The Celtics are set to bring back most contributors from last season, when they rode a surprising wave into the postseason. There’s a different feel to this summer — a bit more continuity, at least for now.
“When you keep that core together and you play with each other, (it helps),” Olynyk said Thursday at Legoland, where he joined a group of kids from the Horizons for Homeless Children program on a field trip. “Last year, during that middle of the season, it was kind of tough because it was like a rotating door of guys. Every game you’re playing with a new guy. It’s like you’re playing pickup every game. Now that you’ve got that continuity, you’ve played with guys, a little bit of familiarity, you can start to really take off.”
After going on rides, marveling at Lego models of major Boston attractions and posing for photos with the children Thursday, Olynyk took a bit of time to address the Celtics offseason, the Canadian national team and his personal goals for the summer.
Some highlights of the conversation follow:
1. Olynyk will miss his close friend, Phil Pressey, who signed with the Portland Trail Blazers after the Celtics waived him last month. But the former teammates plan to stay in frequent touch.
“He came up to my camp (last week in Kamloops, a city in Canada) and I’ve talked to him probably like 20 times since then,” Olynyk said. “He calls me or I call him almost every other day.”
Because of his tight relationship with Pressey, Olynyk felt empowered to critique the point guard’s facial hair, which can be viewed in the photo below:
Kelly Olynyk and Phil Pressey at Olynyk’s basketball camp last weekKelly Olynyk’s Instagram page 
“He’s trying to catch up with me,” said Olynyk, whose own scraggly growth once drew a Scooby Doo reference from Danny Ainge. “Worst facial hair in the NBA.”
Olynyk was far more serious about Pressey’s departure.
“That …Read More